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November 1 The Contest Queens Spill the Beans

Tips for getting your work noticed by industry professionals and how to survive the process

Between them, Veronica Forand, Susan Scott Shelley, and
Eileen Emerson have finaled or won dozens of writing contests.
And, boy, do they have advice for you!

 By focusing your efforts on specific story elements (i.e, amping up the conflict between your h/h, making clear the “ticking clock” that drives your characters, and hitting specific story markers at key points of your first 50 pages) you, too, can get your manuscript into the finals of chapter contests and read by editors and agents. Even if you’re not interested in entering chapter contests, the Contest Queens can teach you the best approach to getting the openings of your manuscripts spiffed up and ready to submit to an editor or agent. You’ll also learn their tools for tracking entries, emails, and results (spreadsheets included!) Find out everything you need to survive the submission process so you come out with your wits and self-confidence still intact.

Come find out how the Contest Queens have found so much success, and what they recommend you do to start your own stack of contest certificates.

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